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Benjamin and Cindy Cooper are the Pastors of the "Fuente de Vida Church of God," the Latino Ministry of the National Church of God.


Pastor Ben has been at National COG for over 15 years and in leadership for 11 years.  Pastor Cindy has been at National COG for 17 years and in leadership for 11 years.  They answered the call to ministry while at National and received their license and ordination from the International Church of God in 2009 and 2011.  In 2012, Pastor Ben and Cindy Cooper were asked by Bishop Stephen Lowery to serve as Pastors over National's Hispanic Ministry, which they later rebranded as the Latino Ministry.  In addition to caring for and Pastoring National's Latino ministry, Pastor Cindy also founded and leads the Friday Night Faith praise team which ministers bilingually in the DelMarVaDC region.  Prior to being asked to serve as Pastor over the Latino and Hispanic Ministry, Pastor Ben and Pastor Cindy started the National Couples Connection, a ministry that was designed to serve the needs of young married couples under the age of 40.  


Pastors Ben and Cindy Cooper are originally from Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras.  English is the primary language of native Bay Islanders but because the islands now belong to Honduras, most are bilingual and speak Spanish as well.  Both Pastors Ben and Cindy immigrated to the United States as children and were raised in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Pastor Cindy moved to the Washington, D.C. area to work in government, and Pastor Ben joined her a couple of years later on once they were married.  They have two children, Isaiah. age 14, a musician for the Latino ministry and volunteer on the media team for the main National congregation, and Daniel, age 11, who although struggles with autism and cerebral palsy, loves to worship the Lord. 


They can be reached at:

Ben Cooper  (301) 768-2185               
Cindy Cooper  (301) 529-8270


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