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Patrick and hanna froe


Patrick Froe serves as the Media Director for the National Church of God and has held this position for over 20 years after joining the church and volunteering as a sound engineer.  He came to the National Church of God after meeting his wife and accepting Jesus as his personal savior.  Prior to his conversion, he worked as an accomplished sound technician and studio engineer at a number of recording studios in the DC area. He is responsible for all multi-media-related support for the church and The National Christian Academy. Over the years, he has supported the transition from analog to digital recording and the move from physical media to dynamic online virtual presence across social media platforms. In his role, he coordinates and leads a great team of hidden volunteers that serve the leadership and the congregation behind the scenes.

Patrick believes the ministry of the Media Department is to serve God and others by providing the best multi-media support possible. He and his team strive to develop and use their skills to capture the move of God in our services. When people who can’t join us in person are able to connect spiritually through the ministry of media, God is able to love, encourage and change their lives.

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